About Me

Paige Laurie Joey

I'm Paige, an Atlanta-living Memphis native who is a corporate communications editor by day and social media and branding nerd by night. I'm fortunate to be a recent graduate of the University of Florida's social media marketing Master's program, as it is one of only a few in the country at this time, and is the reason I was able to fully design and code this website.

I created this website to showcase my academic writing as a social media and communications professional, while also sharing tips and ideas on travel, home decor projects, and party planning.

When I'm not working or helping others with their digital marketing ideas, I take any chance I can to explore, whether it be weekend getaways or a day in my own city. From the music to the local food scene, I believe there is something unique about each and every city, and I enjoy playing tourist to find out what it is.

Want to know more? Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, or let's get coffee some time! I'm always game for some good conversation and collaboration.

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